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24th April 2014

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Darla:  ”I love that even in his new, deluded state, he’s still attracted to Jessie.”

Lee:  [Laughter]  ”Yeah, he can’t help himself, she’s irresistible to him.”

Darla:  ”Temptress.”

- Darla K. Anderson and Lee Unkrich, on Demo Buzz’s reaction to Jessie, from the Cine-Explore feature on the Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray 

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24th April 2014

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Woody running =D

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23rd April 2014

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"This last dance between Spanish Buzz - kind of Spanish Buzz - and Jessie sprang out of really just wanting to have one last little Spanish moment in the movie.  And we were kicking around some ideas, and someone - I can’t even remember who it was - came up with this idea of doing a kind of a last flamenco, or Spanish dance, paso doble… We ended up hiring Cheryl and Tony, two of the choreographers from Dancing with the Stars, and they came to Pixar one day, and choreographed a whole paso doble for Buzz and Jessie to dance to… And then we kind of created our Buzz and Jessie version of what they had done; kept it kind of a little more toy-like, but just as passionate and just as over-the-top.  I just wanted it to feel like, who knew?  Jessie and Buzz know how to do the paso doble, and they’re completely accomplished at it.  It just seemed like a fun way to end the movie.  This film is so emotional, especially at the very end of the film, and we didn’t want to just roll the credits and leave everybody feeling bittersweet and emotional.  We wanted people to have some time to kind of gather themselves and have a laugh again, and kind of get re-energized before they finally left the theater.  I think the Spanish “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as performed by the Gipsy Kings and as danced by Buzz and Jessie was just the perfect way to end the film.”

- Lee Unkrich’s commentary, in the Cine-Explore feature on the Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray

Two things that I personally love about this:  one, that he calls him “kind of Spanish Buzz,” meaning Buzz is not fully in Spanish mode and is still himself; and two, that he calls their dance “passionate.”  The animators definitely expressed the passion between these characters, in their faces and movements; it’s great to hear from the director how intentional this really was.  

It really shows in the movie! They worked really hard to advance Buzz and Jessie’s relationship on screen. The best part of it all has to be the fact that 90% of Buzz/Jessie moments in TS3 were body language related.

It’s nice to see that Pixar works hard on everything from the little things to the big things. <3

Yes!  The screenwriter even said (in my other post) that there didn’t need to be much dialogue between them to express what was going on with their relationship.  Their love was expressed primarily - and expertly - in their facial expressions.  <3

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23rd April 2014

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Toy Story of Terror and the Toy Story Films Parallels (Part 2)

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23rd April 2014

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Screenwriter Michael Arndt, on the role of Spanish mode and how it helped advance Buzz and Jessie’s relationship, excerpted from The Toy Story Films:  An Animated Journey, 2012.

He was right. Spanish Mode definitely got these two to be a little closer.

What am I saying? They are ALOT closer now! :D

You mean like this?  ;D  No more Spanish mode needed.  <3

Spanish Mode was a nudge in the right direction. 

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22nd April 2014

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21st April 2014

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"We talked a lot about how far to advance these toys’ characters in the intervening years since Toy Story 2.  There was some talk about where Buzz and Jessie’s relationship should be at this point, and should they actually be together.  I worried that if we left them kind of in stasis, and right at the same place where they were at the end of 2, in terms of Buzz still being uncomfortable to talk to her, that might be kind of weird, that it’s been so long.  But, in the end, we decided that we wanted to just keep them in the same kind of comfortable place that people remembered them being in.  So, it might be a little strange that Buzz hasn’t gotten the gumption together to be with Jessie in all these years, but thankfully he finally does by the end of the movie."

- Lee Unkrich’s commentary, in the Cine-Explore feature on the Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray

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21st April 2014

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ken’s got game

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20th April 2014

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19th April 2014

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Buzz & Jessie - Toy Story 3

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