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13th February 2014

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30th January 2014

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The Stabbington Brothers are two of Hans’ 12 older brothers who gave up on trying to get the southern isles crown and moved on to stealing crowns from other kingdoms. 

Those sideburns are clearly genetic.

That’s what I was gonna say!

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22nd December 2013

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25th November 2013

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24th October 2013

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Don’t deny this is the most badass thing

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24th September 2013

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31st August 2013

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28th August 2013

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29th July 2013

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Tangled/Brave AU - In which the Triplets become the Stabbingtons


Word Count: 2 141

Notes: Little something for Deanie’s awesome headcanon that came up during guardian-of-heart’s movie stream the other night. Oh man I am in love with it. I hope you like my interpretation of a headcanon I don’t own and that I may have ruined c:

This was really good stress-relief writing! I’ve been having a long week so this was nice to do uwu Also every word used to refer to them (triplets/brothers/twins/their names) is me trying to hone literary skills I don’t have.

Across the sea was the plan. If their lost brother would lend them a boat, then they would be gone from the cursed kingdom that they’d abandoned, far from the rotting corpses of their mother, father, and dearest sister. Far from the scratch marks on the furniture from when they had claws. To recommence, that was what they were asking for. They were never princes, not truly.

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29th July 2013

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In which the Triplets become the Stabbington Brothers

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