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12th April 2014

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11th March 2014

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They can't do nothing to you, they can't do nothing to me

This is the life that we choose, this is the life that we bleed

So throw your fists in the air, come out, come out if you dare

Tonight we're gonna change forever
They can't do nothing to you, they can't do nothing to me

This is the life that we choose, this is the life that we bleed

So throw your fists in the air, come out, come out if you dare

Tonight we're gonna change forever

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23rd December 2013

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スペレン! by 矢車サトル

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17th December 2013

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i was gonna wait till i got back to the apt. to draw this but then i was trying to go to sleep and i thought about someone putting XR in charge of electronic warfare defense and laughed so hard I had to start getting to sleep all over again
anyway i am so………………. so sorry

Mass Effect crossover! I am so stoked to see this.
XR being EDI and Booster wearing Wrex’s get-up cracks me up so bad, haha.



i was gonna wait till i got back to the apt. to draw this but then i was trying to go to sleep and i thought about someone putting XR in charge of electronic warfare defense and laughed so hard I had to start getting to sleep all over again

anyway i am so………………. so sorry

Mass Effect crossover! I am so stoked to see this.

XR being EDI and Booster wearing Wrex’s get-up cracks me up so bad, haha.

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17th December 2013

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HI HELLO HERE’S YOUR PINUP MIRA„ she’s doing the glove strip tease thing hehH



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20th November 2013

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Random BLoSC Headcanon


Favorite types of music? RANGER EDITION

Buzz: Rockabilly, old fashioned rock mid-20th century/’80s

Something about Buzz liking these various types of music just seems to speak about his personality, at least on a few subtle levels versus music that outright speaks to us about his personality. He would seem like the type of guy to enjoy these genres for a variety of reasons.

Rockabilly because it is a combination of a western/country and rhythm and blues and is influenced by swing and boogie woogie, and Buzz would seem the type to enjoy that kind of thing since Buzz does have a soft spot for western-ish music. *Take “Lone Wolf” and “Toy Story”, for crying out loud.* And rockabilly is a blend of that with some jazz and although he doesn’t seem the type to listen to other subgenres of jazz, rockabilly is a good exception because it combines country and rock and jazz.

Which brings me to the old fashioned rock part of his favorite genres of music:old-fashioned good rock, like from the mid-20th century/’80s. The former because this show is generally based on that time period, and the ’80s because rock is something that a lot of people can relate to, and because, and this is coming from experience, I’ve known/I know men who are older than me who like rock from around that time, or at least in the ’70s up to the ’80s. Buzz would be the guy to listen to the good old stuff that can’t be beat in the highlights of the ’70s/80s when rock went to new heights in terms of experimentation and new sounds. Plus, what’s not to love about bands like Queen or AC/DC? Their sounds are excellent and perfect for listening to when you feel like getting stuff done.

I can’t really pinpoint which songs would be his favorite, but I can imagine it would be songs like (80s)-“Another One Bites the Dust”, “We Will Rock You *standard*, “I’m in Love with My Car”, (mid-20th century)-“That’ll Be the Day” or anything like that. Heck, even something like “Greased Lightnin” from Grease fits Buzz… without the swear words of course. XD And the rock part of him still harboring that rebellion inside of him reflects that in a lot of us; we listen to some form of rock because it’s the perfect musical symbol of revolution and rebellion against something.

For Buzz, even though he’s not considered a rebel, he does stray from his path every now and then, thus he doesn’t always follow the rules.


Mira-classical and new age and/or world music

The classical part is pretty much self-explanatory; Mira was raised in a palace where I guarantee classical music was performed for a private audience, like the Tangean Royal Court and what not. So I think she would have somewhat of a soft spot for said classical music. She wouldn’t listen to it all the time, but she would listen to it *like Mozart or Beethoven* whenever she’s feeling nostalgic for her old home/childhood.

But the new age and/or world music comes from the fact that since she’s broken free of her Tangean roots and is out there exploring the galaxy, she might want to listen to everything the planets have to offer, and she might find something from each culture she might like. I can’t really say which culture she might like the best out of the different cultures since she might have a hard time choosing the awesome music that is offered out there, but I can say what she might NOT like-Raenok/Zurg music. xD

But if she were to choose a culture from say, any planet, or even our own planet, she might be inclined to listen to, in no direct order-Binipinardian music *ancient chants are soothing* and/or for Earth music, anything with flutes/harps/pianos/classical instruments in said music, like American Indian music or Celtic music.

Mira’s somebody who wants to explore what the galaxy has to offer for her and I think she’d be willing to take in all of the good things it has to offer, such as good music. 


Booster-country, perhaps even traditional bluegrass.

…Coming from the planet of Jo-Ad, REALLLLLLY self-explanatory. Since he was raised on a farming planet, it’s only natural that country/bluegrass be part of his culture somewhere. I reckon he might listen to somebody like Dolly Parton or the Oak Ridge Boys, or one of the most famous examples of all, Hank Williams, Sr. Those folks know how to play country well. 

As far as bluegrass goes, anything resembling the Soggy Bottom Boys songs from O Brother, Where Art Thou? Because dang it, those boys know how to make music and to sing. Plus, and this is just coming from a personal standpoint, it reminds me of home as well. 

But to add onto Booster’s culture, since the Jo-Adian culture is literally rooted in traditions, they would have their own songs in their own language. They’d sing about the animals, nature, time, the celestial bodies, their deities, legends, and the like. I can imagine that their songs would be sung with near guttural tones, on account of their ancestors are guttural dinosaurs. 

So… yeah. xD


XR-techno pop/rock, swing music

….The first part is just, again, realllllly self-explanatory. Up to date is what XR wants most of the time, and in terms of pop and rock, it’ll be the first thing XR will flip to when he needs a chance for some R and R. 

For swing music, he DID listen to some in “Mira’s Wedding”, so that proves he’s got some rhythm *…er, so he thinks, but besides that*, and really wants to jump ‘n jive, and can do so if he can find the right dance partner. XR likes to have fun and dance with chicks, so that makes him a somewhat footloose sort of guy.

I think he’d want to listen to Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, Artie Shaw, the old works, you cool cats and chicks. Can you dig it? XR can since he thinks he’s hot stuff and believes he’s the toast of the town.


Ty-old fashioned rock *’60s/’80s’, see for Buzz*, alternative rock, surf music

Now the reasons I listed the same music genre for Ty are pretty much the same as Buzz’s, except for Ty he might listen to different songs, like “Back in Black” and the like. So I don’t really have much to explain for him, except that for him, since he and Buzz are around the same age, I think it’s expected that it’s a generational thing for them to listen to the same thing.

But one thing he might differ from Buzz? He might listen to alternative rock; some songs, like Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down, are great for helping Ty to express himself when he’s in a sour mood or not at his best moments, like he needs something to express his sadness and anger, just as we do when we are in those emotions. And considering the fact that Ty is a moody sort of guy, he’d listen to these when he’d have the time and when he needs something to put things into perspective about whatever he’s going through.

But for surf music, this one is crazy, I know. BUT… the reason I chose this for Ty is because I always envisioned Ty to be somebody who enjoys the water, and loves it to a point where it’s almost like therapy to him to get out onto the waves and just ride them whenever he has the time for it.. I don’t think he’d listen to surf music all the time, since that’s more of a nostalgia thing and since he doesn’t surf all the time, but once in a while, I’d think he’d listen to surf music when he misses his innocent past and/or he needs a break from everything. 

Beach Boys, anybody?


Nebula-military songs, big band swing

…Broken record for the self-explanatory department, but he would listen to those songs on account of what he is. And it’d make him feel proud that he’s doing his job right. 

Big band swing? Well, for that, instead of wanting to DANCE to the music, he’d just want to sit back and chill to listen to the music; it can be soothing and relaxing to the point where it’s almost like a glass of warm milk for the soul. And considering the guy is the head of Star Command, he needs something to counteract his love of military songs, and what better way than to listen to ’40s-esque music?

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18th November 2013

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Random BLoSC Headcanon


What would Mira’s team do if she were pregnant?

*Btw, this is in general-NOT specific*

Well, seeing as how she’s not only their friend, she’s also a princess for Tangea, and thus would take extra precautions to make sure she and the baby are safe. 

*Buzz would especially be on his guard 24/7 to make sure that she’s taken care of and happy. Although he would probably go a little overboard; he’d go nuts if she did something that he’d think to be drastic, like making a sandwich or something. He’d probably pester her from time to time to make sure she’s healthy and to make sure the baby’s healthy as well, nitpicking on her when she eats things he doesn’t find appetizing.

In return, Mira would probably yell back at him sometimes when she thinks he’s being irrational, but she would appreciate the concern all the same. Buzz would probably take her mood swings in stride *MAYBE even brush them off if he doesn’t think they’re a big deal*, BUT if she were in a really bad mood, he would just back away until she’s calmed down enough to a level he can tolerate. Overall, though, he would be a loyal guard and friend would be by his friend’s side to protect her and keep her from getting in harm’s way.

*Booster would be like the excited uncle/big brother; he’d yammer on about how excited he is to see Mira’s kid born and he would use most of his money up to buy the baby toys/candy/anything else. He’d also make all sorts of foods for Mira and the baby and would dote on the baby every minute he can. But like Buzz, if anything should threaten Mira or the baby, he’d turn right around and squash his enemies to a pulp, ESPECIALLY if they threaten the kid, because if you hurt the kid, you’d be in for a world of pain. Booster might be a giant softie, but when it comes to those who are threatened *specifically their kids*, he won’t hesitate to take the gloves off.

*XR, however, would try to get Mira to name the baby after him any way he can. He might try to hide the fact he’s excited about Mira having a baby, but at other times, he might unintentionally show off his excitement to everybody, showing his heart. Although he might not want to spend any money on toys/candy, he would try to support Mira however he can-with his own supplies, like manger, bottle, etc.

*Nebula, like Buzz, would be protective of the pregnant mom, but he would know when to let Mira be, and like a father, be there for her when she needs a father figure. It’d be hard for Nebula to dote on the baby *surprise, surprise*, but he’d be happy for Mira all the same. Now granted, it is possible that Nebula may have to place Mira on suspension or even deploy her of her duties to spend time with her child, but it is also possible that he will welcome her back to Star Command with open arms.

*King Nova, her real father… well, depending on whose child it is, his emotions could swing from one side to the other. He would be happy, yes, but… again, depending on whose kid it is, he might have some reservations about it. All the same, he would support his daughter however he can and act so super protective to the point where Mira wants to toss her dad out of her life just because of how over protective he’s being with her. Heck, he might actually get along with Buzz on account of the fact they’d be so protective of Mira, and would actually work together for once to make sure she’s safe. Nova would be a bit calmer about it than Buzz, but he’d be less calmer than Nebula, since Nebula is older than Nova.

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18th October 2013

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Speed Trap

  • Buzz: Rangers XR and Mira, meet the Porcelons.
  • Porcelon: Well, greetings to you both. It is a pleasure.
  • Buzz: Rangers? Cat got your tongue?
  • Mira: Uh... uh... no, no, n-not at all. Just, I'm feeling a little flush - uh, I mean, uh - oh, craters!
  • XR: Mira! Please, Sir, you'll have to excuse her potty mouth.
  • Porcelon: Sir, are you insulting us?!
  • Buzz: Mira, XR! Put a lid on it!

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7th October 2013

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Little Secrets

  • Buzz: Of course, ordinarily, I don't keep secrets, they... tend to backfire on you.
  • Team Lightyear: Backfire?
  • Booster: Uh, I just remembered! I forgot my notepad!
  • Mira: Ooh, forgot my pen!
  • XR: Forgot... to go to the bathroom!

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14th September 2013

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Firebird vs. The Beasts of Karn (Thoughts)


…you know, there are times when there are certain episodes that you find yourself not wanting to cover because of how it made you feel or just the way the whole thing was paced…or simply because you spend a good half hour waiting for something decent to happen.

THIS episode was unfortunately the case for me. And it’s the first time, after looking at this episode again, that I just feel sour contempt for this episode.The plot itself has potential, but the episode itself…I found myself bored to tears with it, and just hated some of the stupid episode points. The episode just seemed surprisingly underwhelming.  But I will cover it like I always do because screw it, I’m that stubborn to continue overanalyzing episodes, and I will continue to do so until this rewatch is done.

Disclaimer: Pictures belong to Wikipedia, Disney and everyone else I didn’t mention. I only own the analysis.


Btw, I apologize in advance for the small signs on the screenies for the eppy; I had to watch this eppy from another source.


"The perils of duck hunting are great-especially for the duck."-Walter Cronkite


  • PICS 1: Dr. Ozma Furbanna-Independent Woman or Cold-Hearted Snake?


*Before anyone says anything, let me make one thing absolutely clear:

I don’t hate this episode because of Dr. Ozma Furbanna.

Now for those who don’t understand what in the galaxy I’m talking about, let me explain. 

In the early days of the BLoSC fandom, this character was given a LOT of flak. A lot of people didn’t like her, and especially didn’t like it when she ended up as Buzz’s girlfriend in the later episodes. Thus, she was a source of a lot of controversy within the fandom. But why is this?

Part of it, I feel, has to do with the way she interacts with other beings who aren’t animals. She seems initially cold, rude and abrupt at first, wanting nothing more than for the “Rescue Rangers” as she calls them at one point-

*Btw, clever homage to ChipDaleLogo.jpg, considering BLoSC crew member Tad Stones came up with the idea for the show!*

-and to do her job in peace and solitude. 

Now I’ll talk about my personal opinions on her in a minute, but what I want to do first is discuss Ozma as a whole.

It’s no secret that she was voiced by Linda Hamilton, best known for her role as Sarah Connor in the The Terminator film series.Terminator1984movieposter.jpg


Looking at the two different roles Linda played, I can see a bit of similarities between the two characters. Sounds odd? I know it does. But they do have a few things in common-

  1. They are both capable fighters.
  2. They are assertive and independent women (well, Sarah grows into one in the first film)
  3. They both stand up for something they care about: Sarah (her son), Ozma (animals)
  4. They slowly warm to male figures after distrusting them at first.


…I did say slowly

But returning back to my analysis, I figure that the crew who worked on the show were probably inspired by Linda’s portrayal for Sarah Connor, and thus got her to voice Ozma for three episodes. Which, if you think about it, makes sense because both female characters both live in a sci-fi world where both women are passionate about something they want to protect from threats.

And they’ll do what it takes to make sure that the things they care about the most are safe at all costs. But what about “Millennial Bugs”, you ask? What about that one where she was even threatening Buzz and Booster with their lives if they didn’t cooperate with her demands?

…well, when the time comes, I’ll talk about that episode and how her dedication to protecting animals comes into play. Not gonna jump right into another episode in mid-analysis, y’know?

*Continuing on, I will say that she seems like the type to live happily in “isolation” and is content to not keep up with the latest buzz and do her own thing.

No pun intended.

However, as the old saying goes, “no man is an island”, and Ozma is well aware of this. She knows that she has to keep some form of open contact. You could argue that she communicates with the animals, hence why she named some of them, but even if that were the case, humans are animals too. We need some form of contact with another life form to keep us from totally losing it, otherwise we become completely too detached from society to even care what happens to the people we care about.

Here, when she allows the Rangers to enter her BoO *base of operations*, she does seem concerned when they’re all running in and away from the animals. She wants to make sure that they’re safe and that they’re not left behind. I think that says that she does have enough humanity in her to care about other life forms from getting hurt by animals since she’s aware of what power the animals possess. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg about the caring side of her. She does show more of it, but I’ll cover more of this when we look over more episodes.


That being said, I want to talk about what I personally think of Ozma. In all reason, I kind of think she’s an interesting character. She’s not my favorite character, but she does make things interesting for the BLoSC universe.

She’s older than Mira, she has a job that doesn’t relate to Star Command, and she goes through some form of character development. It’s not as noticeable as say… King Nova’s or Ty’s, but she does grow and evolve. She loosens up a little and allows herself to be charmed by Buzz.

Granted, her flaws are there *believe me, I wanted to smack her upside the head at times* and they can be present in her interactions with other people, but like everything in the world, she has her good points alongside the bad. And personally, there are some stances she makes that I agree on. 

Which stances are those? See the bottom of this analysis!


*Btw, those odd-looking berries.. I see a Mickey Mouse somewhere in there! 


  • PIC 2: Rentwhistle Swack…or Should I Say Smack?


*…I don’t like this episode because…I hate this guy.

I really hate him.

He irritates me to no end. It’s not his voice actor or his role in the episode. It’s his character I despise. Why? Well, it’s not so much his motivation-he wants money-but it’s his attitude and that he seems to possess little to NO intellect…or even any flick of common sense.


And I also don’t like him because to be honest, I just felt like he made the plot drag on for too long. I’m not sure why, but he was part of the reason why I hated this episode. He just left Booster sitting in the cage, and he was off trying to contact some hunters for the hunt…


You just allowed Booster to sit in a cage BY HIMSELF…and have no guard to make sure that he doesn’t do anything to escape, when you found out that he has a MIND of his own and can talk.


You’re a REAL smart cookie, Swack, you know that?

If the guy made things more exciting by occasionally coming by Booster’s cage, or again having a guard come by to make sure he doesn’t do anything, then I would have been entertained by this episode a little more. But…gah.


  • PIC 3: Karn, Land of Rock, Flora and Fauna


*Alright, moving on before I REALLY go at it for Swack, I’m going to cover Karn itself. The planet is very beautiful and full of amazing wildlife. But like all things of nature, although it can be beautiful, it can also be deadly.

I like how there is besides a lot of fauna, there is also flora and earth and rock. I researched what the word, “Karn” by itself means, and get this=


So it can be argued that Karn is the planet to represent another side of nature=the wild side and another aspect to what nature in the world of BLoSC is-connected to earth.

…is it me, or is that starting to become a running theme of BLoSC?




I love all these animal designs; they look totally alien yet they look so similar to a lot of critters in our world-




I especially like the last one=Jessica, a giant praying mantis-like creature? THAT is awesome…and somehow it makes me think of Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? XD


  • PIC 4: Technologies


*…I think this is starting to become a running theme here; the technological aspect of BLoSC.

I like how we see that the Ranger suits are able to withstand certain depths to an extent, *will cover the Ranger scuba suits later when we reach “Panic on Bathyos” and even have special devices in their boots to help them stick to the surface of the ship. I bet that they use them when they have to do repairs on their ship, and it’s something to keep them from floating away in space. 


Here we see XR able to withstand the water, even though he’s a robot. That’s a pretty handy feature to have, and it shows that even though XR gets blown up a lot, he’s able to endure some things that other robots, at least in our world, can’t.


I love the sound this thing makes; no doubt a reference to the Sonar sound that are heard on submarines. 


Another homage to technology from the past…well, sort of. I know people still use sonar today in our world. But as I said before, the technology that the BLoSC may seen very high-tech in their world, but since we have developed certain technologies in the past and have used them before, the audience can say that those technologies in the BLoSC world seem old-school compared to what we have today.  

There are exceptions of course, but that’s for another time!


Speaking of which, I love how this tracking device is a blend of old and new technologies-it looks like an ancient spear that our ancestors, the cavemen have used, and yet it can be used to help seek heat sources in the hunt. 

I kind of want this spear now. XD


  • PIC 5: Characterizations


*ANOTHER running theme of my analyses: character moments. This and the technological side might be two permanent residents.



Sleeping in beds here; makes the Rangers seem more real. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get out of their suits to sleep easier, but hey, anything to still be on duty, I guess.


This was one point about this episode I liked, and it’s when Booster figured out for himself on how to call for help. Once more, it shows that Booster is smarter than he’s given credit for; he’s capable of using resources around him. 

…although how did he figure out that the tag on that bat-like creature was an electronic tag belonging to Ozma? He wasn’t told of this before he was caught.


  • PIC 6: The Most Dangerous Game


*Before I talk about the hunters, I want to talk about this screenshot, one of the only best parts of this episode. The imagery in this shot just looks SO cool. If this were a painting, the first thing your eye would go to would be the pink eyes in the dark-full of fear and worry.

Foreboding and perfect for a nod to…

Most Dangerous Game poster.jpg

This story also plays out in a few more episodes as well, like “Tag Team” and “A Zoo Out There” and other eppies.

Speaking of hunting, let’s talk about these two different hunters for a minute.

I love how they have different approaches into hunting. The first dude is a regular punk/hillbilly who hunts the old-fashioned way…with a crossbow, meaning he likes to jump right in and get into the action.


And this British-like gentleman down below hunts things with his spear, which shows that he approaches hunting methodically and with strategy.




The hunt for that short hunting horn is on, ladies and gents…I just hope they don’t do any galactic fox-hunting. «…»…


And that’s it for this week’s episode…gaaaah. Never again. Now that I’m done analyzing this episode, I’m gonna watch “Oh Brother Where Art Thou" and try to wash this episode clean from my mind. Til then!


I know, I know. But considering whom Ozma was voiced by, I had to reference the former Governator of California somehow. XD




*…A Jo-Adian being abducted by a human…that’s new.


*Ah, the standard running gag-big guy getting stuck in cannons to get people to laugh. How is it that other times he can fly out of them just fine? 


*….Okay, now this was another point that ticked me off. I know Mira’s a Cadet, and it was the only way she knew how to defend herself at the time, but didn’t she JUST hear Ozma try to threaten the Rangers earlier when she thought they were poachers?

Mira… Ozma just hinted that she would waste poachers for hunting animals. Shouldn’t that be a hint to even acknowledge the fact that maybe the ANIMAL RESEARCHER might not want to have the animals be harmed?

Gah, now I’m starting to sound like the Nostalgia Critic on a bad day. Oh well.

And before anyone wonders why it sounds like I contradicted myself in terms of liking animals and the hunting tools, it’s because I believe, simply put, that there needs to be a balance in nature.

Hunters hunt other creatures for various reasons, including maintaining a balance. Thus, I agree with Ozma on the fact that certain animals should NOT be hunted down because they’re already dying out as a species because they have a purpose and can help to keep the Earth from dying out or losing its resources, like we humans *or animals* can. 

But to hunt every one of them down for sport to the point where they DON’T exist…that’s just wrong, plain and simple.

 I won’t elaborate too much more on that, but that’s really all I need to say on the matter.

*And on another note, I find it awesome that Ozma’s name could have come from Princess Ozma from L. Frank Baum’s “The Land of Oz”. 

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