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10th July 2012

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xDDDD Oh, man. That would have been funny. But Stress Test is still a pretty fun episode. ^^

Yes it is. :)

I loved the scene where he threw a tantrum over the…

It was at the end of Stress test where he needed anger for the plants to cover over the hyper death ray and he was still bitter over getting socks instead.

I’ve always pictured her as the type of grandmother that would embarrass her grandson merclessly.

Oh yeah! 

Poor Buzz, hehe. Headcanon accepted there, with slightly imagining her as being kind of a badass when she was younger (like Kim Possible’s grandma was). 

For Ozma, I’ve always pictured her having a older sister named Dorothy and a twin brother named Tippetarius or Tip for short.


That’s cool. 

Tippetarius sounds like one of those Sci-fi names, too. So it works for this series. 

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9th June 2012

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So much UST between Buzz and Ozma Furbanna in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Just fuck already. 

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