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31st March 2014

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Fake Marvel Movies Featuring Female LeadsLady Sif and the Scientists Three

"Darcy isn’t actually a scientist."

"Hey! Political science totally counts."

Lady Sif journeys to Midgard in order to try to understand Thor’s fascination with Jane Foster. She didn’t expect to like her and her companions so much. Jane talks about bridges and stars and Darcy teaches Sif to drive a car. Sif tries to repay their kindness by teaching the two tiny Midgardians how to wield a sword, but it ends with Darcy threatening to taser everyone in sight. Sif is eventually called back to Asgard to assist with battle preparations. She leaves with the promise to return to her new bffs. (Darcy taught her that; It means best friends forever.)

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29th March 2014

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and there’s the Australian part of Thor coming out.

fact: australians are secretly actually descended from vikings

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15th March 2014

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8th March 2014

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22nd February 2014

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3rd February 2014

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30th December 2013

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6th December 2013

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Thor 2: A Character Summary

  • Malekith: own that fishtail...work that updo
  • Aether: hiss hisssss darknesss & bad shit hiissssss
  • Darcy: you're welcome for my presence
  • Intern dude: we know
  • Erik: aldkskfnd SCIENCE AND NO PANTS
  • Jane: sea bass sea bass science sea bass....ooo something red and shiny
  • Odin: bekfkejrbng BIRTH RIGHT-TA WAS TO DIEYA
  • Frigga: *hair flips and sashays to Valhalla*
  • Hogun: .....well guess I didn't make the cut this year.
  • Hemidall: check please
  • Fandral: for Flynn Rid- *ehem* I mean..for Asgard
  • Volstagg: anothhhaaaahahaja
  • Sif: *stares longly at Thor while bad ass stabbing an elf*
  • Loki: ta-da mother fuckers

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14th November 2013

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Submission #2557


Loki wasn’t mind-controlled like Clint and Selvig while he was on Earth (though the Chitauri seriously considered it) but he WAS affected by the Glowstick of Destiny, on the “hate plague” setting. 

It made the Avengers and Fury antsy and at each other’s throats while it was in the room with them, but it had a much more severe and long-lasting effect on Loki, who was holding and using it.  He didn’t even realize it had been fucking with his head until he was back in Asgard.

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13th November 2013

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