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18th August 2012

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Lol and no one fighting to be in the front. Woody, I’m looking at you.

I can see them posing for a group picture and Woody will be the one that wants to be front and center just because he is the leader.

Woody, especially since if you notice… he ALWAYS slouches. I’m starting to think that it’s permanent and he doesn’t care. Silly Cowboy. I’m sure Buzz will always stand straight because he does it anyway unless he’s really comfortable or in this case… worried. I don’t think Jessie slouches that much, but if she does then Buzz will find a way to keep her standing up straight. :)

By the looks of it a joke about Buzz and Jessie sneaking off could be perfect. I bet the Potato Heads will do it if they got the chance. :P

I am praying for a new BuzzxJessie dance. Something to make me happy and hopefully squee if they are a little lovey dovey. <3

I’m pretty sure it’s a vacation when Bonnie leaves for a few days. The toys will miss her though.

Oh yes they do! Maybe they can help each other out now and again. I think it would be cute if Rex was to talk to Jessie about her fears. Then he’ll have a new fear (XD), and Jessie can help Rex feel better about himself when he’s feeling down. :D

Yeah, that makes sense. He’d want to be in the middle, and flanked by his best people (Jessie and Buzz and Slinky). Though Jessie and Buzz would want to be posed next to each other. Though, given Woody’s height, he’d probably settle for something like this. 

Speaking of middle, what’s with Rex and Mr. Potato Head being in the middle? Also, both horse-like toys (Buttercup and Bullseye) are next to the cowfolk.

Buzz probably will try to teach Jessie to stand straight, and Woody is like, I’m just gonna keep standing how I’m standing because I can. Maybe it’s kind of a habit for Woody. And Jessie less slouches and more just… stands bowlegged or something. But it’s probably just how she stands and less from riding a horse, as that’s not possible.

Yes, I’ll take a joke. Just something that is like, hey, Buzz and Jessie are a couple. 

Dancing would be great to see. Especially if they’ve added more dances since 2010. Have you guys? Have you? And lovey-dovy-ness would be great.

Yup, sounds like a vacation. And yeah they’ll miss her. Maybe she met Lilo in Hawaii. 

That would be nice things to see and for Jessie and Rex to do for each other. 

Woody would do that. He’d want to be in the middle and of course, Jessie and Buzz need to be next to each other. <3

There might be some playful arguing between Woody and Buzz over who is the main subject of the photo.

I noticed that too! Not sure why Buttercup and Bullseye are next to Woody and Jessie (probably just random placement or something), but there has to be a reason as to why Potato Head and Rex are in the middle. It looks like Potato Head is in the middle of saying something. Wonder what is going on in the pic!

Lol, I’m sure that Jessie will put up a little fight when it comes to standing straight. She looks like she can care less. I’m not sure about bowlegged, but I do see a bit of it in Jessie with how she stands every now and then. I think it’s just a habit. :)

Yes! We need something to quench our thirst until the next short. I wouldn’t mind a sweet dance with some flirting. We could get something simple and sweet. I’m still hoping for a kiss though I’m sure a quick one might not happen. :(

Lol, with Bonnie’s luck she might have also met Stitch! I also think that it’s adorable how Bonnie says “hi” and “bye” to her toys. It’s so sweet!

Maybe Jessie and Rex will interact in this short! :D

And they’d probably hold hands too. Or maybe place hands on the other’s shoulders or something.

That would be fun to see. Just any sort of playful fighting between them. And it never escalates into anything bad, but with Woody and Jessie… nope. Gonna fight like cats.

Random placement is interesting. Though the three aliens are all next to each other. I love that pic. It’s so interesting and curious and pretty and you can see the shadows of the toys. The question of what they’re all looking at should be answered, please.

Yeah, it’s probably a habit. 

Yeah and with these shorts so short (less than 10 minutes long) and so far in between (10 months basically between Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex!), we need just a little bit. Oh waiting. That’s basically what being a fan is. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. But then again, 10 months is nothing in comparison with ten years. 

Oh yeah, and she’s done that in both shorts so far, right? Yeah, hopefully she met Stitch! That’d be cool!

Maybe! That would be nice. Especially if she’s not giving him a “shut up, Rex” face. Like watch her when the toys are pushing him to tear open the trash bag early in TS3. 

LOL, I know right! Woody and Jessie gotta fight like they are in prison gangs or something. XD

That shows you that the animators put some good time into the short if they add everything they can to make it look realistic! I’m thinking that the toys must have triggered something awful to happen? They could have also played witnessed to something just as bad? September 14th is so close yet so far!

Oh yes, 10 months is nothing when us BuzzxJessie fans have been waiting 10 years for something to happen! When you think about it the most we have gotten in that 10 year time frame was that little opening intro for the Buzz Lightyear movie and a couple various things with the Buzz Lightyear intro for the show. That was it! So unfair. :(

Pixar is only now giving us something to “aww” and squee at. I’m still praying for a that couple based short! It’ll make me smile. 

Only in an alternate universe has that happened. LOL, but it’s nice to think of if Bonnie met Lilo and Stitch!

LOL, yeah during that trash bag scene Jessie had this face like “Not now”. XD

A little interaction between them might be cute! Now I want to see this happen! :D

Though that might be a little over the top, hehe. 

I should hope so, considering how long they must have been working on it. What with the Tom Hanks picture with 3 directors being from 18 months ago. 

But at least now they’re together so hopefully we can get some more Buzz/Jessie love!

Yes, a couple based short would be fabulous to behold. Or one of the tv specials that is supposed to come to be focused on them. 

Yeah, it probably didn’t happen, but it’d be cool if that did. 

Right? Like, “Rex, stfu, not now we’re busy.”


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