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9th June 2012

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I bet he couldn’t wait for the dance to be over! Remember what Jessie said in the beginning?

The way she said “Just go with it, Buzz.” indicates some sexytime! (I think/hope.)

I wonder how that day went for Joan Cusack. I can so see Lee Unkrich being all “Ok, so after Buzz dances his way to you I want you to say “Just go with it, Buzz.”, but be flirty.”

Then Joan probably did a few takes until Lee or someone else said “Can you make it sound seductive?” to which Joan was probably all “o.0”.  XD

Yes! Plus he grins at her, so… yeah. I can see after they get out of that pose, he shyly whispers an indication of wanting sexytimes. And then they go the door! 

That reminds me of one of the videos out there where Lee gives Jodi Benson direction and he says something about making something sound less breathy and that Barbie sounds Marilyn Monroe ish, and she’s just like, “Oh, we don’t want that.”

That must have been an interesting recording session, to say the least. I would love to know how he directed her. It’s definitely seductive, to say the least. And this same character was called a temptress earlier in the film. (Hell, I’d love to know how he directed Tim Allen for the scenes from when Buzz is captured to throughout Demo Mode. Must have been interesting…) 

Oh yes! They must have made a B-Line for that door! Or since this is Pixar we are talking about, maybe when the dance ended Buzz went back to being nervous and Jessie just giggles at him and says “I see you went with it.”. Maybe she even gives him a kiss on the cheek! If I can come up with a great idea for it… I can write a fic one day! Maybe. ;D

Haha, I saw that video too! Oh God I wonder how awkward some of those recording sessions were. When you think about it, Pixar has to record all of the actors grunting, groaning and all that stuff for when their characters are running, getting hurt, etc. Those poor actors must have had some moments where they were all “Umm, is this appropriate? I can’t help, but feel that this sounds so wrong.”.

Joan Cusack must be use to it since she is on that show Shameless and OMG she knows how to play that character of hers. You would think that for a show with some sexual scenes that she would have had a few by now. Well, she does, but it’s censored? It’s implied just not shown. I keep thinking “Jessie, no!” cause whenever Joan pops up I just think of Jessie. Now if Tim Allen was in that show and they had a *clears throat* “scene” then Buzz/Jessie fans will definitely die of joy. XD

Anyway, I bet Tim Allen had a blast! He loves Buzz and is also a ham so you know he went all out. <3 I would love to see him recording for all the Jessie scenes. See him acting all nervous. LOL, and that “temptress” scene. EEE! He must have laughed while recording that!

They should have Tim and Joan do some voice work together. It would be so cute! They are friends after all I bet they wouldn’t have a problem with it! <3

I could see her kissing his cheek shortly after the dance. Also, that position they end up in at the end of the dance, must have been a little awkward for them afterwards. Maybe. And I figure that whatever they do after the dance, probably likely depends on how long it’s been since the day Andy left them at Bonnie’s. If it’s been a couple of days, probably nothing too steamy. If it’s been a while… maybe.

I could see that. But, they’re probably very professional about it. But boy, those days where they’re recording grunting and groans must have been interesting. “I’m supposed to do what? What the hell is happening is this movie?”

I would love to see them acting together in live action. Doesn’t matter the show. It’d just be awesome, especially if they had a *clear throat* scene. I’d be like, MY OTP IS HAVING SEX, BUT BY PROXY. That was basically my reaction when Futurama had that scene where Fry and Leela are in Zoidberg and the Professor’s bodies (looong story) and sexy stuff had happened. I had been like, “I want visual confirmation of them having sex!” and then bam, I got what I wanted by proxy. My face was a little slackjawed if I recall correctly. I was squicked and happy and it was the best.

I haven’t really seen much of Joan in other things, though I did see her in My Sister’s Keeper, in which, she was quite good. Plus, having a number of my favourite fictional characters as played by their actors in the same movie was awesome (Jack Donaghy, Fiona, Jessie, Dr. Brennan).

Yes, he must have had a lot of fun doing the voice acting. 

And yeah, I really wish voice acting could be feasibly done with various characters in the same room. Like, it’d just make me happy. Just to know, you know, that it was not just one person by themselves doing the lines, but working off another person. I mean, apparently Jodi Benson and Michael Keaton do that (at least in one video I’ve seen). 

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    I think he has! Woody and Buzz are always willing to help someone out. It’s in their nature. Add Jessie to that mix and...
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    Buzz is so concerned about her the whole movie… it’s so sweet.